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When 'Freedom' is Important

It's 3:00 am and someone you know has been arrested and they need bail Immediately!

It's important that you secure their bail as fast as possible. You don't know who else is locked up in jail with them and their safety is a primary concern! Now it’s time to call the leading bail bond agency in Michigan. We know that an arrest is simply a charge and does not imply guilt. We never assume anything about a person, we are only there to ensure their 'Freedom' as fast as we can.

The most important service 1 Bail Bond Agency of Monroe offers is preserving your 'freedom', as loss of liberty as a result of incarceration. 1 Bail Bond Agency of Monroe expedites your release from any Detention Center in the State of Michigan or any state where surety bonds are accepted by restoring your 'freedom' throughout the legal process. The Michigan courts accept our assurance in the form of a surety bail bond that you will honor your obligation to appear in court on the date set by the judge and any bond conditions. As a result, 1 Bail Bond Agency of Monroe will provide services to defendants for a small percentage of the total bond amount.

We know how difficult it can be when a loved one is arrested and taken into custody. That is why we are here to get them out of jail fast so they can start putting their lives back together. At 1 Bail Bond Agency of Monroe we assist you throughout the entire process, making sure that you understand before signing any paperwork.
1 Bail Bond Agency | Jail | Michigan | Bail Bonds | Get Out | Monroe
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Surety Bail Bonds
A private system of bail, free of taxpayers support. Privately licensed bail agents post bonds with the court, guaranteeing a defendant's appearance. Appearance becomes the sole responsibility of the bail agent and is the most effective bail system. When using the service of a surety bail bondsman, the client pays a percentage of the face amount of the bond to the bonding company in exchange for the bonding company posting the entire amount of the bail. This percentage fee is non refundable and the mandatory charge in the state of Michigan. However 1 Bail Bond Agency of Monroe offers the lowest rates in our area on most bonds with a qualified co-signer, no other bondsman offers as cheap of rates.

Cash Bonds

The defendant, or someone on his/her behalf, must pay the Court the full amount of the bail, in cash, in order to be released. The defendant and the co-signer, if any, must sign the bond that guarantees the defendant's appearance at future court appearances.

Own Recognizance Bonds

This system is a government system in which people who have not been arrested before swear before the court that they will appear on their own accord for all required court dates.

Cash or Surety 10% Bond

The cash or surety 10% bond means that anybody could go to the jail with 10% of the total bond amount in cash, or if going through a bail bondsman, the bondsman writes the bond as 25% of the total bond amount, charging standard rates on that amount.

Example  on a $10,000 10% bond, any person could pay $1,000 to get the person out of jail, or a bail bondsman would write their bond for $2,500 (25% of the total $10,000 bond amount), and then the fee would typically be 10-15% of what the $2,500 bond the agent writes (a fee of $250-350).
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